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"Carole is, very simply, the most fluent, dramatic storyteller you are ever likely to hear: magical and powerful."
--Rabbi Alan Green, Shaaray Zedek Congregation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dear Carole,
"Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your amazing story-telling skills with us. The students enjoyed every minute. They commented on your beautiful singing voice and were impressed with the different voices you used to enhance the understanding and spirit of the story. They loved Gershon and the monster because "he faced his greatest fear and was willing to sacrifice himself for someone he loved." They loved the story about the fight between the parts of the body. Some commented that it made them think how powerful words can be. They loved the story about the little bird that managed to stand up to the wisest king.

My students said that when you were talking you managed to create vivid images in their minds. After you left, we talked about your visit and decided that we loved your animated delivery. You inspired us to try to be more confident in our story-telling and use our bodies, voices and dramatic flair to tell the stories we love.

We wrote individually what each of us enjoyed in particular. The children also drew some amazing pictures inspired by your stories. If you would like to receive a copy of some of these reflections, please let me know, so that I can scan the work and send it to you.
Thanks again and yishar koach."

--Paula MacPherson, grade 5 teacher. Brock Corydon School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

PHOTOS From 5th grade class at Brock Corydon School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Storyteller drawings
Storyteller drawings Storyteller drawings Storyteller drawings Storyteller drawings Storyteller drawings
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"I'm a librarian.  I've seen many many storytellers and Carole Forman is an absolute master at her craft."
- Jacqueline Rose, Youth Services Supervisor, Public Library, City of Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Carole Forman is a treasure. Her dramatic presentations of Hasidic stories mesmerized and delighted our hevre: Wow!  And. her spiritual movement workshop truly liberated body and soul.  Her distinctive mix of Hasidic niggunim, yoga, jazz, and dance improvisation, was totally enjoyable."
- Rabbi David Shneyer, Am Kolel Jewish Sanctuary and Retreat Center, Beallsville, MD

Dear Carole,
 " Your storytelling to the children of Suttons Bay Congregational Church was magical.  They were tuned into your every word as were the adults in the congregation.  You have a wonderful gift for making ancient wisdom accessible and engaging  for children of all ages. With your words, your expressions, your body, and indeed,  with your entire self, you bring the stories to life and in doing so, you brought us
 to life.  With Blessings and Gratitude,"

- The Rev. Robin Long, Minister, Suttons Bay Congregational Church, MI 

"When it comes to storytelling, Carole has the most complete toolbox or set of talents of anybody around.  She moves, she dances, she sings, her voice is like a musical instrument.  Part of the pleasure of watching her is like an off-Broadway play; it's so rich artistically, sensually.  But that's just the outside. 
 The inside, which is even more important, is that Carole's stories and her storytelling conveys the meaning of life whether they're Jewish or other cultures.  She unites form and content in a spectacular way.  When some of her stories involve characters, Carole does the voices and the gestures with great beauty and truth.  This richness is not only available to adults, kids love it too.  They know something good when they see it."

- Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum, Director, Jewish Spirit Maggid Training Program, Brooklyn, NY

"Carole Forman is an exceptional storyteller. She made us laugh...she made us cry...at times, both at once. Our older adult program attracted adults of all ages and I heard  nothing but praise for her work and requests that we bring her back again." 

- Froma Fallik, Director of Library Services, HaSifria at the Boulder JCC

"When Carole tells a story the words burst from the page. The colors are bright, the images alive. The characters are loving human beings who we can identify with and feel for and learn from. We laugh and cry as we expand our own worlds. With the magic of her voice, her humor, her flexible, graceful and yielding body we see it all. Hooray for Carole."

Carol Fox Prescott, Acting Teacher and Director, Woodstock, NY

Dear Yitzhak and Carole,
"Shalom.  My heartfelt thanks for all that you offered us at our summer gathering. . . .   Carole, your stories brought us the delight of vivid theater and the wisdom of timeless stories.  Your voice also rang with gusto and passion and lifted our spirits."

- Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel, Secretariat of the Sufi Order, Abode of the Message Sufi Retreat Center, New Lebanon, NY

"Her storytelling is electrifying! A taste of heaven! A must-hear for everyone!"

- Rabbi Aaron Raskin, Congregation, B'nai Avraham, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Carole,
"It was truly a pleasure to have you with us at Kesher Israel Congregation! 
Your storytelling is a delight to experience.  My students and parents simply loved the time that they spent with you.  Your "Stories of Eretz Yisrael" fit so beautifully into our school's celebration of Israel Independence Day.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.  I look forward to future time
when we can again host you.  B'Shalom."

- Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz, Kesher Israel Congregation, West Chester, PA

"Carole Forman is a gifted and creative storyteller with a deep talent for engaging audiences of all ages with her energetic and thoughtful stories. Her repertoire is broad and Carole is an ideal resource for intergenerational programs that call for the delicate balance of spiritual depth and appealing
engagement. Her active story telling style works beautifully for both intimate and larger congregational settings, and she is able to quickly adapt to any topic, theme or focus of a program.  Above all, Carole's courage, boldness and obvious delight and joy in storytelling will awaken the hearts of her listeners and surely enhance their spiritual lives. Her good humor and touching insight are a rare and precious combination in the world of storytelling."

- Rabbi Chava Bahle, Makom Shalom, Chicago, IL

"Carole Forman is a masterful storyteller! With her energy, her sense of drama and excitement,
she had our children and adults wide-eyed, hanging on every word.  After the special story time she had prepared  for the kids alone, our daughters (ages 4 and 8) begged to know 'When is the storyteller coming back to our synagogue again?' 'She hasn't left yet!' I said." 
- Rabbi Mark Sameth, Pleasantville Community Synagogue,  Pleasantville, NY 

"We all so enjoyed having you and hearing your stories.  It was a wonderful addition to our Purim celebration (and hopefully it was a fun way of celebrating your birthday!)" 

- Elisabeth Albert, Principal, Park Slope Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NY

"It was a pleasure having you at Heschel yesterday for the Thanksgiving Assemblies. You added a wonderful dimension to the programs, and made the program meaningful to the children with your storytelling skills. I hope that we will  have the opportunity to work together again!"

- Carole Rivel, Music Director, AJ Heschel School, New York, NY

"Carole Forman is an inspiring, dramatic storyteller who charmed our congregants, of all ages. She combines an imaginative re-working of traditional stories with a highly spirited style of telling that draws on her exquisite acting skills. Carole creates an atmosphere of excitement and an experience to remember."
- Rabbi Eli Rubenstein, Congregation HaBonim, Toronto, Canada

"Carole's story telling abilities were wonderful, the whole audience was enthralled. She really captures the soul of the story."
- Rabbi Yaakov Bankhalter Director, Cabad on Washington Square, New York, NY

"Carole Forman is a great storyteller. She's full of life, movement, sound, and fun.  She enchanted both the children and the adults."
- Susan Abrams, Supervisor of Children's Services, Newton Free Library, Newton, MA, 

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