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~ For Adults ~
Performances ~ Workshops ~ Interactive Stories and Discussion

Jewish Programs

On the Way to the Heavenly Palace - Performance 
The spiritual quest, the eternal value of goodness, the fight with the angel of death, the endurance of love: the Jewish mystic path comes alive through story.  Join a Master Spiritual Storyteller (in Hebrew Baal Misaper Ruchani) and taste the wonderful, humorous, and deep, stories from this rich ancient living tradition.  This program can also be shaped around a particular holiday on the Jewish calendar or Shabbat.

The Soul's Delight ~ Tales of Shabbat - Stories with Discussion
An intimate exploration of the Jewish day of rest through story, song, niggunim, and discussion.  For non-Jewish or Jewish groups and for adult study programs.

Reader's Theater Workshop - 
Telling Jewish Tales as Theater - Workshop    

Everyone gets in the act in this fascinating mix of theater, storytelling, and literature.  Drawn from Jewish story, these original theater pieces come alive as Carole supports and directs her "actors" --which means you!  This workshop can become a Shabbat or holiday performance for the community. 

Weaving the World: Tales of Women and Girls -
Performance or Stories with Discussion

Stories of the uniquely female experience of life's journeys amidst the Jewish and world and the world beyond. 


Multi-Cultural Programs   

Between Heaven and Earth -  A Performance Piece 
Join me on a journey of stories from many spiritual traditions about our heavenly aspirations and our earthly goof-ups. Hasidic tales, Lakota fables, Taoist folktales chart our crazy, non-linear path to the Oneness.  We detour along on the way with soulful melodies and poems. Will you enjoy yourself if you come?  A weaver, a monk, a rabbi, two ants, and an aspiring mouse are unanimous: Yes, indeed!  One hour and forty minutes.

The Heart of the Heart: Exploring Spiritual Storytelling - Workshop
What's at the heart of a spiritual story?  What makes it move us, and what in us is moved? Why do we love stories and why do we learn best through stories?  How does a spiritual story answer questions of the heart - even those unexpressed?  Carole Forman tells stories from many religions and spiritual traditions and then we together explore what delights us, what ignites us, and why.  We'll tell some personal stories and then try on telling stories not our own.  Come to ponder, participate, and play.  Bring your heart, your voice, and your storytelling spirit.  This program includes group participation, discussion, story-learning and experimentation and can expand into a 4-part course.

Stories are the Light of the World- Performance
The spiritual quest, the eternal value of goodness, the fight with the angel of death, the endurance of love.  Spiritual stories from the far ends of the earth that transcend borders.  Length and focus are adapted to the community. 

Weaving the World: Tales of Women and Girls - Performance or Stories with Discussion
Stories of the uniquely female experience of life's journeys through personal voices that reveal the communality of women everywhere. 


~ For Children ~
Programs are designed to fit the age and interests of the children and the focus of the school or community.  Children participate moving, singing, playing characters, or discussing the meaning of the stories.   

Jewish Childen's Programs
Jewish programs may be based around a holiday or religious theme.  Below is a sampling. 
A Palace of Tales - Jewish Stories for Children  
As every kid knows, stories are truer than fact!  Come on a journey up the sacred mountain as we meet monsters and heroes, angels and demons, sages and fools on our way to the heavenly Palace of Tales.  

Molly's Pilgrim - A Thanksgiving Story with Jewish Roots
Carole tells this beloved contemporary story drawn from the book by       of a young immigrant child's struggle to fit in. The children participate in the telling and readily relate to Molly's dilemma.  What a delight to discover the roots of the Thanksgiving celebration in the Jewish Succot.  Thirty to forty minutes, second to fifth grades together

Eretz Zavat Chalav:  From the Land of Israel
Stories of Israel, ancient and new, excite the imagination and bring young listeners closer to the beloved land at the heart of the Jewish people.  A swell program for Israel Independence Day.  Also nice in the classroom for third to seventh graders or as an intimate story-circle for younger four to eight year olds--with parents too.

Good Purim!!!!
Funny but also deep-- that's Purim.  Carole tells stories with lots of participation: sound song and exploration that bring form and fun to this beloved holiday.


Multi-Cultural Children's Programs 
Stories from Around the World Told for Children
Engaging stories and songs from many cultures deepen children's appreciation of diversity.  Children participate in the stories: moving, singing, playing characters.  Adapted for different age groups.

Jumping Mouse:  A Lakota Tale  - Story with Discussion
Carole tells this fascinating story and leads a discussion about its meaning and metaphors.  This exciting classroom experience builds listening skills and introduces the values and beliefs of a Native American culture that emphasizes the connection of all beings and the personal quest to evolve and grow.  Forty-five minutes, fourth grade and up

~In Collaboration~

Carole Forman and her husband, Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum, are teachers of Jewish spirituality and arts. Carole is a story-actor who takes listeners on journeys in both Jewish and diversity programs, for adults as well as for children. Yitzhak specializes in Jewish mysticism and narrative Hasidic storytelling.  Joint programs include: Storytelling performances, Shabbatons, a mystic Tu BeShvat seder, and a Shavuot Tikkun of Tales. Together, they combine male/female energy-- with storytelling, teaching, dancing and moving-- in a dynamic and delightful way

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